Matting enhances the look of framed art: prints, photographs, drawings, watercolour paintings and sentimental objects can all be matted to fit in a frame. Matting helps protect these items by keeping frames and glass from directly touching artwork. Mat boards comes in different finishes and can be made from different quality papers

Precut Mats

Precut mats that come in cheap picture frames, or that can be purchased in craft and discount stores are often made of regular mat board, also known as acidic matting. This is the least expensive type of matting . Acidic paper mats are similar in quality to newspaper; the colours fade over time and the white beveled edge turns yellow with age. More importantly, paper mats can leach acid into artwork, resulting in discolouration called “acid burn.”.

These cheap mats are fine for framing cheap prints and posters, or for temporarily framing certificates and children’s art, but can devalue original or limited edition prints and permanently damage sentimental or antique artwork and photographs.

Acid Free Matting

Antique photographs, important documents, limited edition prints and anything sentimental or valuable needs acid free matting. Acid free mats, also called rag mats, are museum quality and help protect artwork from deterioration. The way to tell cheap matting from acid free matting is to look at the beveled edge of the mat If the core is bright white, the mat is most likely acid free. If the core of the mat board is a dingy white, then it is probably an inexpensive paper mat

Custom Mats

Of course, there are exceptions. Antique core mat boards are custom mats made specifically for framing antique photographs and art. When a mat frames antique paper, a bright white bevel stands out and makes the old paper look dirty by comparison. Archival quality custom mats with bevels in softer colours such as off-white and beige complement antique artwork.

Other custom mats are available with black bevels. And custom bright core mats can also be used to create special effects or accent children’s artwork. Custom matting options also include fabric mats, such as linen, suede and moire silk, as well as many other textures.

Specialty custom matting options include fabric mats and other textured matboards. Some specialty mats are available in the cheaper matboard, but most specialty mats are made of acid free materials. When in doubt, consulting a professional picture framer is the best way to get the right materials for the job.

Conservation Framing Options

Matting is only one part of a framing package. When it comes to framing artwork properly, choosing the right type of glass, or glazing, the right type of mounting board, and using proper mounting techniques and picture hanging hardware are equally important steps to protect artwork.

Bedroom is the place where we spend most of our spare time in. Dream bedrooms should not only have beautiful design, but also are good to people’s health. There are five key points for bedroom decoration according to my personal experience.

Firstly, space

Usually bedroom is small and there are many things to store in it, so how to make full use of space in bedroom become the focus for bedroom decoration. Here are some suggestions for it:

  1. Leave enough space between furniture and wall.
  2. Cabinet with similar height to storey height should be placed in the same side of room door or place where people cannot see at the door. All the cabinet that can see at the door should be lower than 2.2m.
  3. Choose small size decorations. For example, small sized decoration painting.

Secondly, privacy

The privacy of bedroom can be divided into privacy that cannot seen by other people and sound privacy. Door, window and curtain have close relationship to bedroom privacy.

Heat and sound insulation material

Door and window should be thicker. There should be 0.3 to 0.5 cm interval between the bottom of door and floor, window and windowsill. Curtain is better to be made of thick fabric. If your bedroom curtain is thin, window screen should be installed. This is also good to block light and sound out when sleeping. Another kind of privacy for bedroom is related to sound. It requirements sound insulation function of bedroom. Sound insulation material for wall and floor is necessary.

Thirdly, colour scheme

The colour scheme of bedroom is differed for the people living in it. Generally speaking, warm atmosphere is the standard for bedroom colour scheme. People in different age have different preference for colour. Therefore, bedroom decoration colour should be decided by the people living in it.

Fourthly, environmental friendly consideration for bedroom

Environmental protection is the focus for modern society, this is especially important for bedroom. Except choosing environmental friendly material for bedroom decoration and use eco-friendly furniture, good ventilation is also important for creating healthy environment in bedroom. We all know that some plants can absorb harmful gas and release oxygen, but too many plants will make bedroom moist.

Fifthly, lighting

The lighting requirement for bedroom is not high, but the light should not radiate downward. Many people have the habit of reading before sleeping or on bed, then bedside lamp with adjustable light intensity is good choice. They can adjust the light intensity for their different needs.


The variety of colours in the depictions of flowers, fruit and insects ensures that botanical dishes are fitting for every decorating scheme. They possess an air of elegance and sophistication, yet they can also be used in a casual setting. The following list introduces some of the most popular botanical dinnerware patterns

Royal Worcester Evesham Vale Dinnerware

Created in Royal Worcester’s Malvern shape, elegant Evesham Vale dishes are porcelain, decorated with autumnal coloured fruits and edged with a thin green rim. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and travel safely from oven to freezer.

Royal Worcester’s Evesham dinnerware, edged with a gold rim, is fine for use in the freezer, fridge or direct from oven to table, but not suitable for use in the microwave.

The Evesham pattern, introduced in 1961 and named after a town in England known for its abundant fruit crops, has been retired. However, replacement pieces are still available through online auction houses and shops that specialise in discontinued china.

Villeroy and Boch Vilbofour

A German company in business for over 260 years, Villeroy and Boch produces high quality botanical pattern dishes as well as tiles and bathroom fixtures.

Villeroy and Boch Cascara Botanic Dishes

Cascara is a line of fine china decorated with fruit plums, peaches and on a plain white surface. This traditionally shaped dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe but will be discontinued July 31, 2010.

Ceramicplus Cascara is the matching line of casserole and soufflé dishes, slated to be discountinued Jan 1, 2010. Ceramicplus ovenware is available in the patterns French Garden and Petite Fleur, which sport dainty sprinkle of buds and blossoms on traditionally-shaped white china.

Villeroy and Boch Cottage China

Cottage fine china is a pretty blend of mix and match fruit such as cherries, blueberries and red currants on a plain white ground with a blue rim. It is a perfect choice for casual or daily use. The Cottage pattern can be matched or contrasted with plates sporting a wide blue or red border.

Villeroy and Boch French Garden Dishes

French Garden Fleurence is another mix and match pattern. French Garden Vienne is edged in a gold-coloured border and a band of leaves. It is both dishwasher & microwave safe. This design can be paired with wide-rimmed yellow-gold plates or an attractive green trellis-pattern border.

Wildberries China from Villeroy and Boch

Wildberries is bone china in an elegant, modern shape, decorated with simple sprays of strawberries on a plain white ground. Espresso cups, soup tureens and platters are part of the elegant, contemporary line up.

Flora is decorated with a single large blossom, such as a peony, sunflower or daisy. This simple, casual design has a green rim, modern shape and green saucers and accessories.

Royal Albert Bone China

In 2005, Royal Albert introduced a set called Botanical Teas. Clematis, Dahlia, Hyacinth and Primrose patterns are all 22 carat gilt-edged. Rhododendron, Roses, Tulips and Lilacs, produced between 2005 and 2007, have scalloped edges, and a choice of round or square dinner plates.

Mikasa Botanical Garden

Mikasa’s fine china ultima + super strong fine china is freezer to oven and microwave safe. This casual, dishwasher-proof line is made in Indonesia. It has a leafy green border and a contemporary shape.

Botanic Garden by Portmeirion

This pretty mix and match set of botanical dishware features a wide variety of flowers unified with a simple leafy green border. The charming designs and colour range make Botanic Garden a popular choice for almost any decor. Dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe and withstand oven temperatures of up to 200 degrees.

Wide Range of Portmeirion Serving DIshes and Accessories A complete array of Portmeirion Botanic Garden dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner service is currently available through department stores, china shops and on-line sellers. Special accessories include teapots, cream and sugar, water jugs, large serving bowls, tea towels and cutting boards.

Medicines are a part and parcel of every family. A well-stocked medicine box or cabinet is an important element of family life. A medicine box must not, however, be a hold-all for all kinds of medicines. Rather it should be organised and sorted out properly to make finding a medication simple and quick. Here are easy ideas to arrange and organise a medicine cabinet or a smaller medicine box.

Clean out the Medicine Cabinet

The first step in organising the medicine cabinet is to clean it out completely. Remove all the bottles, strips and pills from the shelves. Wipe the shelves and doors clean and line with fresh paper. Discard old and unused medicines, prescriptions that are not needed and any medicine which does not have an expiry date clearly mentioned.

Organise Medicines According to Type

The next step will be to organise medications according to type. For instance, put all stomach medicines together, then antibiotics, then children’s medicines and so on. Use trays or small boxes to hold similar medicines together. A better but slightly more expensive option will be to use drawer or shelf dividers to store like items.

Organise Medicines According to Prescriptions

For family members who are taking prescription medicines, keep space separate for their medication. Label the containers clearly and store them in a separate box or section dedicated to prescription medicines. Make a small chart with names of family members, their prescriptions and dates on which they must be filled. Put this chart up on the inside of the cabinet door.

Organising General Medications

General medicines such as vitamins and supplements, birth control pills and first aid supplies can be kept together on the lower shelf of the cabinet to allow for quick and easy access. Keep a thermometer, preferably digital, and a pair of scissors with these supplies. On the inside of this shelf, paste a list of phone numbers of physicians, pediatricians and the hospital.

Arranging the Medicine Cabinet

While cabinet storage is ideal for medicines, for smaller homes, a medicine box can also be used to store medications. Arrange everything neatly and according to the systems given above. Make sure that labels are clear and informative. If using a medicine box, make sure that the lists of prescriptions and phone numbers are pasted either on the inside of the lid or filed in a small clear folder.

Review the medicine cabinet periodically to discard expired medications and prescriptions, which no longer have to be filled. These simple strategies will keep the bathroom medicine cabinet or family medicine box neat and organised. No more will parents have to fret over finding the right stomach medicine for their toddler.