Bedroom is the place where we spend most of our spare time in. Dream bedrooms should not only have beautiful design, but also are good to people’s health. There are five key points for bedroom decoration according to my personal experience.

Firstly, space

Usually bedroom is small and there are many things to store in it, so how to make full use of space in bedroom become the focus for bedroom decoration. Here are some suggestions for it:

  1. Leave enough space between furniture and wall.
  2. Cabinet with similar height to storey height should be placed in the same side of room door or place where people cannot see at the door. All the cabinet that can see at the door should be lower than 2.2m.
  3. Choose small size decorations. For example, small sized decoration painting.

Secondly, privacy

The privacy of bedroom can be divided into privacy that cannot seen by other people and sound privacy. Door, window and curtain have close relationship to bedroom privacy.

Heat and sound insulation material

Door and window should be thicker. There should be 0.3 to 0.5 cm interval between the bottom of door and floor, window and windowsill. Curtain is better to be made of thick fabric. If your bedroom curtain is thin, window screen should be installed. This is also good to block light and sound out when sleeping. Another kind of privacy for bedroom is related to sound. It requirements sound insulation function of bedroom. Sound insulation material for wall and floor is necessary.

Thirdly, colour scheme

The colour scheme of bedroom is differed for the people living in it. Generally speaking, warm atmosphere is the standard for bedroom colour scheme. People in different age have different preference for colour. Therefore, bedroom decoration colour should be decided by the people living in it.

Fourthly, environmental friendly consideration for bedroom

Environmental protection is the focus for modern society, this is especially important for bedroom. Except choosing environmental friendly material for bedroom decoration and use eco-friendly furniture, good ventilation is also important for creating healthy environment in bedroom. We all know that some plants can absorb harmful gas and release oxygen, but too many plants will make bedroom moist.

Fifthly, lighting

The lighting requirement for bedroom is not high, but the light should not radiate downward. Many people have the habit of reading before sleeping or on bed, then bedside lamp with adjustable light intensity is good choice. They can adjust the light intensity for their different needs.