Medicines are a part and parcel of every family. A well-stocked medicine box or cabinet is an important element of family life. A medicine box must not, however, be a hold-all for all kinds of medicines. Rather it should be organised and sorted out properly to make finding a medication simple and quick. Here are easy ideas to arrange and organise a medicine cabinet or a smaller medicine box.

Clean out the Medicine Cabinet

The first step in organising the medicine cabinet is to clean it out completely. Remove all the bottles, strips and pills from the shelves. Wipe the shelves and doors clean and line with fresh paper. Discard old and unused medicines, prescriptions that are not needed and any medicine which does not have an expiry date clearly mentioned.

Organise Medicines According to Type

The next step will be to organise medications according to type. For instance, put all stomach medicines together, then antibiotics, then children’s medicines and so on. Use trays or small boxes to hold similar medicines together. A better but slightly more expensive option will be to use drawer or shelf dividers to store like items.

Organise Medicines According to Prescriptions

For family members who are taking prescription medicines, keep space separate for their medication. Label the containers clearly and store them in a separate box or section dedicated to prescription medicines. Make a small chart with names of family members, their prescriptions and dates on which they must be filled. Put this chart up on the inside of the cabinet door.

Organising General Medications

General medicines such as vitamins and supplements, birth control pills and first aid supplies can be kept together on the lower shelf of the cabinet to allow for quick and easy access. Keep a thermometer, preferably digital, and a pair of scissors with these supplies. On the inside of this shelf, paste a list of phone numbers of physicians, pediatricians and the hospital.

Arranging the Medicine Cabinet

While cabinet storage is ideal for medicines, for smaller homes, a medicine box can also be used to store medications. Arrange everything neatly and according to the systems given above. Make sure that labels are clear and informative. If using a medicine box, make sure that the lists of prescriptions and phone numbers are pasted either on the inside of the lid or filed in a small clear folder.

Review the medicine cabinet periodically to discard expired medications and prescriptions, which no longer have to be filled. These simple strategies will keep the bathroom medicine cabinet or family medicine box neat and organised. No more will parents have to fret over finding the right stomach medicine for their toddler.